Soba for Lunch: 7 Filling Noodle SaladsSoba noodles are practically made for lunches. They’re substantial enough that I feel as if I’ve really had a meal, but unlike pasta made from white flour, soba noodles contain slow-burning carbohydrates so I stay satisfied until dinner. And because they’re made from buckwheat, they have an earthier, more interesting flavor. As if that weren’t enough to convince you, they’re just as simple to prepare as spaghetti noodles and are a great way to mix up your warm-weather lunch routine.

Soba noodles are typically made from a combination of buckwheat and wheat flour and can be enjoyed with a simple sesame dressing. Or make them more complex with seasonal vegetables and pan-fried tofu, grilled fish or a nicely poached egg on top.

I love soba noodle salads because they’re so easily portable. In the warmer months, I often want to bring a green salad on-the-go but there’s always the dressing conundrum (you don’t want to dress it before you leave the house because it’ll get soggy, and carrying around yet another little Tupperware always seems a headache). So a satisfying, filling all-in-one salad like the ones below become more and more appealing.

Do you have a favorite soba noodle salad recipe?

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